Morning, I hope all is well. I wasn't actually planning on sending out a 50p email today as I sent a non 50p email yesterday. But then I got a text last night which stated "Elvis is bigging you up on The Quietus". So I investigated...

Turns out Elvis Costello has just been interviewed by The Quietus. He doesn't talk about singing backing vocals on the Secret Lemonade Drinker song, instead he talks about his favourite music. He names and talks about 13 albums. TWO OF WHICH ARE TRUNK RELEASES!!!!! O. M. G. x 2. 

You can read the interview here. The two Trunk LPs (Biscuits and Baker Tapes) are both available for 50p here.  

In other news I cannot thank all the backers who jumped all over Auto Erotica yesterday. This is very VERY exciting indeed. The book is already over 40% funded after just 24 hours, which is quite incredible and gives the book a great chance of actually getting made. If you have not seen the Kickstarter page all about this fab, new and nostalgic follow up to Wrappers Delight and Own Label, have a look here, there are still some "early bird" offers still to be grabbed.

And as a result of the Auto Erotica book being launched yesterday, someone asked if the Austin Ambassador brochure would be included. I'm on the fence. Althought I do have a soft spot for "the wedge". 

I'm now off to tidy my office. Which currently looks like a giant mouse nest.

Thanks for listening, and backing