Morning, I hope all is groovy and well. Things are just about OK here, sober October was nearly sober, I raised a glass last night to the lovely old man at the end of the road who passed away this week due to Covid 19. A little ray of sunshine has forever left my postcode.

But there was some cheer this week - the marvel that is Bob Stanley has agreed to write the foreword to Auto Erotica. I have discovered that he too was a car brochure collector in the 1970s and can identify pretty much any car on any old post war movie. He is a truly great writer and will certainly make the book even better. The Kickstarter is still going, please help make book happen right here. Well over half way there now. 

In other news, yesterday I tried on an old jumper at Spitlafields Antiques Market. Even though the market is a shadow of its former self I still go every week to support the brilliant dealers who still go to trade. Anyway, the jumper fitted well and I was about to do the deal when Karen (another stallholder) walked past and said that I looked just like a "1980s Kebab shop owner". The jumper is still for sale if anyone is interested. 

Of course it's Halloween at Home this weekend. So a mass of spooky, groovy and novelty scares can be found all for 50p right here

There was also an odd auction this week. A hoarders' massive stash of bizarre 1960s chemistry sets, comics, TV jigsaws, space ephemera, radios, JFK and more. All sold now but worth looking at the strangeness of it all. I've seen this kind of thing before but this really was next level.  The most expensive lot was Lot 496, which was 400+ classical LPs with an estimate of £50-£100 selling for about £3200 inc commission. Who knows what mega rare classcial madness was hiding away. Would love to find out. 

Watched a super new doc last night with Mrs T, all about the life and times of Molly Ivins. Not free but really worth the small cost. And money goes to indy cinemas. Have a look here. 

I'm now off to meet Shirley from Record Collector again (he was wearing lycra last time). Then to go and pick up the all new Trunk tees I've just had printed for the up and coming festive period - old shops and old sex seem to be the subject matter this year.

Thanks for listening as always.