Morning, hope all is well. Pretty OK here, I've spent the last three days glued to CNN, watching the madness that is the US Election unfold / unravel. I do love an election in the morning.

Now, here is a superb 1960s Vauxhall Viva Estate Brochure. As you can see it is just like something out of a Galt Toys Catalogue, or even Sainsbury's Own Label, but no, it's to sell a Vauxhall estate. It's this kind of half-tone design fabulousness that will be in the all new Trunk / Fuel book Auto Erotica. We are very much getting there on funding. Two weeks left. Tell your chums! Tell everyone! Would be lovely if you could help. Also, there is one top tier reward left, a drive with me in my little groovy triumph. If it's not the Triumph, it's because I would have swapped it for a Vauxhall Viva Estate by then. Kickstarter page is right here. And incidentally, the super cool music on the Kickstarter film is a new Trunk OST release in. 2021. 

As for a 50p Album today I thought Andy Williams all lonely was just perfect for Lockdown #2. So here he is, for 50p. He may have been offered before but I really cannot remember. 

If it wasn't Lockdown #2 I would normally be off to the Spitz Record Fayre. Instead I am setting up a stall in the Trunk Office and Mrs Trunk is going to come in several times over the next few hours (in a variety of outfits and with / without the dog) and pretend to be different record buyers who I then have to sell amazing records to. Should be an exciting morning. Hopefully she won't come in and ask for any Prog as I have none. 

Thanks for listening as always