hello, I hope all is well. All Ok here. This Lockdown #2 is a whole lot stranger than the first - the main difference in my area being that everybody seems to be outside. The dog has started to snore slightly in the later part of the evenings. Also my "Sober October" has now blossomed into "I Can't Remember November" and we're not even half way through the month yet. 

Thanks to everyone who really helped out with Auto Erotica last week. This possible new book for 2021 is now 80% funded with just 6 days to go. This is an "all or nothing campaign" so if we don't reach the target the project gets scrapped (aaaaaaahhhhh!). If you have not had a look at the exciting Kickstarter page yet, please do! .  

One evening this week (when I wasn't thinking about the Kickstarter campaign) I was sat watching a bit of telly. Everything all of a sudden was related to Christmas. And actually, I've been putting together the all new annual Trunk festive mix this week. I've also been collecting various items I've had made over the last couple of months. Some of these things are now ready to be sold in Ye Olde Trunk Shoppe, including 1) a Rumbelows tee shirt ("stores everywhere" apparently), 2) a new Trunk Zwartjes LP with a naked person on the front, 3) an Atomage tee using an image that was supposed to go on the front cover of a famous LP but never did 4) some Trunk represses 5) and an Ecstacy For Records sweatshirt. There are more items coming next week including a super owl thing, a Kirchin thing and a new Pop Trumps (nothing to do with Donald) game, but that will be in next week's mailing. Or possibly the week after. So have a look at the Jonny Trunk Covid Christmas Sack right here. I have also decided that a percentage of the Xmas Sack income this year will be given to either Children In Need or my local foodbank, depending on a survey that will be carried out in a few weeks time. 

There is no 50p album this week as there are far too many other things to get excited about.

Here's an advert of a young Ronnie Corbett selling Auto Erotica. I mean Ford Escorts. 

I'm now off to have a bath in baked beans. 

Thanks for listening as always.