Hello, I hope you are well. All groovy here.

First of all can I say a TOATLLY MASSIVE thanks to everyone who helped get Auto Erotica The Book fully funded on Kickstarter - with 50 hours to spare! I am thrilled to bits and beyond. I assure you all it will be a lovely book when it's done. I've just got to write it now.   

Also this week there have been some exciting, classic and affordable updates to the Christmas Sack. We have 1) the OK Records tee 2) The Cloud 7 tee 3) the Basil Kirchin felt tip self portrait tee and finally 4) Northern Soul Pop Trumps. Oh, and the cheerily titles Covid Christmas mix. So, the first two are long gone record shops with great logos, now immortalised in tee shirt form. The Basil Kirchin felt tip portrait I found staring at me whilst going through his tape archive this year. There it was, hidden inside a tape box. The word "master" below his face refers to the fact that it was from a master tape, but I like the fact it's his face and it says master underneath it, so I left it like it was. Northern Soul Pop Trumps I put together with the same brilliant team as last year's (sold out) Rare Record Pop Trumps, and includes mythical records from Wigan Casino legend Richard Searling as well as classic we all know. I learnt a lot about some of these mad records putting it together. Prices in the deck range from £30 to £100,000. Good game good game, limited to 1000 packs only. All can be found here

There are more Rumbelows tees on the way, they will be here next week, along with the Owl. 

The festive fun section is also now up and running.

As for the £100,000 Soul 7" I mentioned a second ago, here it is being handed over to the new buyer over lockdown this year, observing social distancing rules. Bonkers in many ways. 

And here is This England, the classic 1977 Northern Soul doc from Granada TV. A TOTAL CLASSIC. If you have not seen this legendary doc, you really need to. 

I'm now off. To dance around the kitchen to my new fave, Ann Sexton's "You've Been Gone Too Long" (here with the story behind it). I listened to this 45 about 45 times yesterday. All because of Northern Soul Pop Trumps. 

Thanks for listening as always.