Morning, I hope you are well. All good here, but it has been an odd week as is the new normal. But I managed to fix the kitchen tap which had the cold lever dangling off. There is now no dangle at all and in less strange times I maybe would have got a badge or something for getting this sorted, but so far, no one at home has even bloody noticed. 

Yesterday I was in the warehouse sending out Trunk orders - there has been a delay with some as a massive folky book mailout (from a publisher that also uses greedbag) has swamped the warehouse. We are back up to speed now. 

In other more more interesting news, the Owl has arrived. There has always been a bit of a thing in my family about owls, possiibly because my dad looked a bit like one and we called him Ernie Owl. Anyway, this owl is pointing and showing you the way to the Musicwise Record shop in Egham, which is no longer there, a fact that really goes against the whole wise owl thing. But, it's very Hornsea pottery in style and looks bloody great. Also, the simply astounding Hermons Records Brutalist tee has landed. This was a record shop set up in the new 1969 Brutalist bus station in Preston - it was a record shop that did not believe is apostrophes. It's a truly brilliant tee. And really looks like you found it in a charity shop. PLUS, the sold out phenomenon that is the RUMBELOWS tee shirt is back in!!!! And of course Tam Tam Tam with the new master is now in too. ALL CAN BE FOUND HERE.

There is very a slight nod to Black Friday, I have halved the price of some tees that are in here

Strangely this week I have had four emails from different people all pointing me at this online site. Basically it's amazing - it's the BBC motion graphics archive now on-line, so masses of title sequences from the last six decades, all searchable and downloadable. Just awesome. Just lose yourself. Just here.

I'm now off to lose myself in the Hackney fog.

Thanks for listening as always.