Hello, I hope all is well. All not bad here. We remain healthy. Although my youngest (now ten) has developed A REALLY LOUD VOICE so it's like he's shouting all the time. And the dog had developed eye bogies.

Last week the second run of Rumbelows tees sold out. Then the first run of Owl sweatshirts sold out in about two hours and I then had a shower of emails asking for more owls. So I made a parliament of more owls (parliament I believe is the collective noun for owl sweatshirts). There are more of the burgundy ones and now all new blue owls too. There is also a brand new Trunk Giclee print - "British Tits". Limited to just 20 signed copies - one for all you bird spotters out there. Then once I'd got those made I then had another load of people asking for more Preston Bus Station brutalist record shop tees as they all sold out last week and then a big bad bear (called Martin Green) modelled one on Instagram - so I had to make more and they have been ordered and are coming next week too. More news about those when they are in the shop and back up for sale. And then I had an email last night telling me that Pop Trumps Northern Soul cards will be in early next week. Everyone blames the pandemic for the lateness of those. Everything currently for sale is here in ye olde Trunk shoppe. Including all the festive 50p larks and classic old festive mixes. 

On this coming Sunday evening myself, Martin Green (that bear again) and Paddy Whittaker will be playing five hours of sublime Italian film music while fine pasta is served (Morricone with Macaroni etc) at the all new Spritland At Joy. It is socially distanced, it's a great venue, with great music, free to get in, book here. And I think Martin is projecting groovy old films onto one wall while we play records.    

If you are not doing anything tonight, I am apparently on the TV, on BBC4 being interviewed on The Sound Of TV With Neil Brand. He knew very little about telly music and he knows loads now.

And I'm now off the the Spitalfields Records Fayre which is back on after several weeks of being well off. I have decided that the collective noun for record dealers is "dave". A dave of record collectors. This is because they are nearly all called Dave.

Thanks for listeing and shopping