Morning, I hope all is well. It has been a bonkers week here - kids off school, negative Covid tests, new tier, cancelled Xmas doos, and my wife got hit by an old lady in the park for walking past her at less that two meters. Testing and odd times.  

As I write there is one just pack of Pop Trumps left in Ye Olde Trunk Shoppe, but the chances are I've got the maths wrong. Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone and anyone who has bought anything from me over the last twelve months. It has been a joy to make it all and an ever bigger joy to see it disappearing out of the door. Not that I want to see the back of it, but it's lovely to see that there is a small demand for the things I create. So thank you so much. 

I've just had ping that means all the Pop Trumps have all gone. So wow. 

If you are stuck for raving mad but charming Christmas music over the next few days, there is always the joyous festive 50p section

Last night, after rearranging the Christmas tree decorations and enjoying the Masterchef final, I watched this amazing very short film about the man who invented Kerplunk. What. A. God. What joy. Pass it on. 

And also I would like to share this mad archival thing that was sent to me this week. Seems like a video tape collection from a slightly salacious man in Salisbury has been explored by The TV Museum. Great set of clips including unusual scenes from Sale Of The Century, A Fatback Band thing with Pan's People as well as a set of Xmas Ceefax pages and various unarchived BBC Xmas idents. Brilliant. Quite Shocking. And right here.

I'm now off to the last Spitz Record fayre of the year. It will be odd on many levels. There will be large men in tiny festive hats, and all before lunch. 

So all that is left is for me to say is stay well, have a super end of year, thank you again and see you in a hopefully better 2021 for the Trunk 25th Anniversary celebrations which l've only just started to think about. 

Thanks for listening as always. Happy Christmas