Bonjour mes amis. C'est Jonny Trunk. And that's enought of that. I hope you are well.

It has been an entertaining week here - it was my wife's birthday on Wednesday. We took the day off, I bought her a painting of a lavatory and an old cardigan. In the afternoon she went for a walk in the local cemetary (and in the cardigan) with one of her chums, got slightly tipsy and then got locked in. She's back out now. 

In other news the groovy 50p offering today is the mega rare jazz thing that is Peter Burman's Jazz Tête à Tête. This is from London, recorded in the early 1960s, when the jazz hipsters (Shake Keane, Johnny Scott etc) were all hanging out on the South Bank, clashing old folky ideas with modern jazz ideas. This album was the result. Rarely heard it's a charming thing, even more charming for being just 50p right here.  And the classic Curtis Counce LP with the best cover ever is now in there too. 

Several people emailed me this week about that fact it was D-Day 50 years ago this week - when we went from imperial money to decimal money. Jazzman Gerald sent me this really strange and slightly threatening public information film all about it. I still remember D-Day and got in trouble for taking all the new money out of the special decimal souvenir wallets and spending down the local sweetie shoppe. 

Thanks to the Auto Erotica book which I am still working on, I am finding myself online looking at weirdy car things. Last night I was snooping around and spotted this. I am not in the market for one. It's quite mad and I really can't stop looking at it - it's worth just seeing it for the Martin Parr style pictures on the listing. 

I'm now off. To the cemetary.

Merci pour l'écoute