HI there, I hope all good and that you are enjoying half term as much as I am. I went for a bike ride with my 11 year old yesterday and felt a bit like Edmund Hillary when I got home as I'd lost all feeling in both feet due to the cold. 

So, this is coming to you on a Thursday as I have no time tomorrow to do it. That's because it's all well busy here, sending out the Bartleby LPs that sold out very fast. I'm currently trying to get hold of another small box of LPs to sell - more news on that as and when they arrive - probably next week. I won't be able to get too many more as some copies are already destined to go to the groovy shops that support the little labels like me. But there will be some for sure. 

A very BIG thank you to all those people who bought the new Roger Webb LP already. It seems to have hit a bit of a musical nerve. 

In fact it might be of interest for you to see this. It's a documentary sent to me last week by the writer Travis Elborough. He spotted the Roger Webb sound on it, and together we have surmised that Roger must have dropped his Bartleby offcuts to be used in it and all over it. See what you think.

I'm now off to BOPI. Boiled Oral Peanut Immunotherapy. This is where my 15 year old who is dangerously allergic to peanuts gets fed peanuts. Followed by a Snickers. 

Thanks for listening as always.