morning, I hope all is well. All groovy here - I have been away on holiday this week - and yes I know I said half term last week but it felt like a half term holiday because all the school terms have been messed up in my head. 

This week I have been away in Norfolk for a few days. I walked on the sand. I played tennis with an ewok. Or rather a teen dressed in an ewok gown. And strained my groin playing football. I am now back but my groin isn't. But I am very excited because 1) the new Pop Trumps are in - more news about that next week and 2) there is the Spitalfields Record Fayre on right now and that's where I am going right now and I can barely control myself. 

So, more things next week, in the meantime have a look at this rarely seen odd film featuring cameos by Peter Sellers and Graham Stark as very gay shop keepers (at about 28 minutes in).  The film's assistant director was Derek Cracknell, who I believe was the father of Sarah from St Etienne. The film was completed in 1970 but never released at the time. It's pretty bleak, so maybe just watch the Sellers cameo. 

Anyway, I can wait no more. I will now hobble to the record fayre...