Hi there, I hope all is well. All good here, I have remained off the beer this week and instead I've drunk about 300 gallons of fizzy water. 

Lots of other more exciting things happened this week too. The all new Library Music Pop Trumps are in. Same number of packs as before. But already KPM have snagged 100 copies to play in the office (and to send to Hawkshaw etc I reckon). All new library music Pop Trumps are here. 

Some new Trunk tees are in too, some classic new record shops ones including Bayes Recordium in Kings Lynn, Hermon's Brutalist Bus Station and the Musicwise owl also now in new colours too. PLUS a brilliant little 1960s Yorkshire cake and biscuits shop bag from the John Townsend collection (the Wrappers Delight man), which looks lovely on a sort of biscuit colour tee shirt. All can be seen here.  

Also, as it's the Trunk 25th anniversary this year I have made my first ever stickers. An A4 sheet of 12 different SILVER stickers will arrive here on Wednesday (possibly Thursday). The image in ye olde shop is not the finished product but they are printed black on silver and will look well sticky. Yes, A4 silver stickers are here.

And, now that the sun is out, I think this amazing and super rare scatty vocal album by the Eddie Thomas Singers will sound great. Called Voices From The Apartment Below, it Includes an absolute killer version of Summertime. And the whole mega rare album is here for just 50p

By way of film this week, Malcolm Goldie sent me this improvising jazz cat. 

I'm now off to play library Pop Trumps with anyone who's up for a game in the local park. I'll settle for anyone. In fact my wife is having one of those park workout classes this morning with her lady friends, they could well be the pefect target.  

Thanks for listening as always