Morning, I hope you are well. All is pretty groovy here this week - the little dog had his first hair cut in 3 years, and now has an unhairy bum area. To celebrate, my wife got unusually drunk. So drunk in fact that the next day she put her crash helmet on back to front. Sadly my phone was not to hand to record the event. 

In other news I'd like to thank everyone for buying the all new Trunk tee shirts this week, and the Library Music Pop Trumps too. Little of anything left, the Kings Lynn Tees and Musicwise Owl tees went in a flash and I promise to make more XXLs next time. There will certainly be a next time as I licensed an image this week that could well become tee shirt of the year, if there was such a thing.

There are some orders still being fulfilled at the warehouse as the all new Trunk stickers only arrived last night (and I have already covered my bike helmet, laptop, garden shed and desk area with them all). And the second 500 Pop Trump cards will be in mid next week and sent out straight away. By the way, the second 500 of the Pop Trumps Library have one card different fro the first 500...

Last night I was sent a strangely cryptic email with a link to this. It's only just been posted up and is a lively, unsual and very rarely seen TV special for Maynard Ferguson. It features him huffing and puffing his jazz way through all sorts, including a groovy version of "Chelsea Morning", there are many guest appearances, people on hippie swings and even some psychedelics. But Maynard was hanging out with Tim Leary for a while so I'm not that surprised. Worth a look.   

I'm now off to the park with the little less hairy dog. I'm sure his new unhairy areas will make an impression. 

Thanks for listening and have a lovely Bank holiday. Especially if you work in a bank.