Morning, I hope all is well. All fine here, had a busy week organising some new Trunk singles, getting rained on and was lucky enough to have dinner (literally) out last night wearing my arctic coat, gloves and a hat. Mrs Trunk was in her thermals. Sexy times. 

Also, the swifts have returned to my neighbourhood this week. I love these little birds. They fly the equivalent of to the moon and back 8 times during their little busy life times (4 million miles). More weirdy Swifts facts here

In other news, there was the Dave Prowse Green Cross Darth Vader Man auction this week. Worth looking at the crazy results here. Biggest was lot 600 (£23K plus 26% commission). Also I had no idea Prowse had an ongoing battle with George Lucas because he used James Earl Jones' voice for Darth instead of his.

There is no 50p Friday today, BUT I have something else super duper to offer. Last year I was asked to provide some Delia Derbyshire music to a new film about women and electronic music. The film is now finished and has already amassed several 5 star reviews. Well the director Lisa Rovner has set up a Trunk / Sisters With Transistors "screening room" and you can see the film through that. There is no cinematic release so you have to buy the film, but I bought and watched it this week and some of the original footage is just sublime a very well graded. Oram, Derbyshire, Ciani, Spiegel and more, and narrated by Laurie Anderson. A great timely film. See it here.

In other news the queues for new vinyl manufacturing seem to be getting longer, with some labels now asking shops to pre order LPs that will be out in October. I thought it was odd last year in December when shops were pre-selling LPs for February, but I suppose this works, saves wastage and also stops labels underpressing, which is just as annoying for customers. I have several LPs in the factory system at the moment, no pre-selling yet, but things might change. In fact they might have to for a long awaited album I was sorting out this week, one that involves a complex artwork thing. More on that in a few weeks.

Also, the second load of Pop Trumps library cards are arriving at the warehouse this morning and will be sent out today. Sorry for any delay you might have experienced. I'm blaming the card factory. 

I'm now off to the Spitalfields Record Fayre to buy bugger all, then back to the warehouse to pack up orders and hopefully break the record for the number of papercuts I set last time I packed up Pop Trumps.

Thanks for listening as always.