Hi there, I hope all is well. All good here if I ignore that fact I went to the dentist yesterday and have to go back two more times. But I did find a long lost Roger Webb theme this week that will be coming out as a single sometime later in the year. 

Before I go on I have to explain that there has been some backroom fiddling about in recent weeks. The people who oversee my backend have been tinkering with the mailing list and that's because the big mail providers (gmail, yahoo etc) want us to ensure all mailing addresses for all mailouts are genuine, or they simply fling our mailings back at us as spam. So for the last 2 weeks several people (who are not spam) have not got their mailings. Various tweaks and twerks have been made, so now all Trunk mailouts should be getting through to everyone. If you missed the last two mailings, fear not, you missed very little - no big little releases, no sexy new tees etc.

There are only 100 Pop Trump packs left. Someone sold a Bartleby LP for nearly £70 this week. And a young woman in a coffee shop made a very interesting and almost saucy comment about the cleaning flying man tee shirt I was wearing whilst ordering an oat milk latte for a man in suit driving a 1937 Bentley, who, oddly enough, looked exactly like the cleaning flying man.  

Also this week someone sent me a link to a hobbyist remaster of The Wicker Man. Yes, I know we have missed May Day, but this American chap is clearly a true and total obsessive and has spent possibly years of his life regrading and joining versions of the film together. You can see his final version on the liinks below (but you have to open it in Chrome apparently). I watched it until it said I had to pay or wait. But it was interesting none the less. Here are the links he sent me:

Preview of the restoration work:


Open this link with Chrome to download the full version.


He signed off with "Hail The Lord Of The Harvest". Little does he know that in N16 where I live The Harvest is a small organic shop where I sometimes buy dog food and beer and to my knowledge there is no "Lord" working there. 

Yes another week without a 50p thing but there are some good ones a coming in. 

And here is Wisbey's former music teacher doing Sumer Is Icumin In.

I'm now off to floss for about 20 minutes.

Thanks for listening as always