Hi there, hope all is groovy. Pretty groovy here if you forget about the dental hell I went through yesterday afternoon (and more coming next Thursday, yay!), and if you also ignore the fact that the young teen is now taller than me. Some people I know say this was never going to be difficult bearing in my stature (I am actually 5 ft 10" when I can be bothered to stand up straight), but it is a monumental moment. And he's still growing. Luckily I have a younger son who is still chest height.  

Now, last week I sent links to a re-cut and super polished fan version of The Wicker Man. I then had some emails stating that the service / server it was on was terrible, and possibly charging a fee. SO, the man who has spent years completing this unusual and fabulous task has now put it up here. Where you can see it in all its glory for doodly squat.

Also, as things are starting to open up a bit, myself, Martin Green and Andrew from Let It Gibbon are all playing groovy psychedelic jazzy film stuff at Joy on this coming Wednesday evening. 7pm until 11pm. It's a very fine canalside warehousey thing, with lovely food etc. All info here. 

And here is a strange BBC clip all about the Shagbut, the Flemish clacket and more. It's infamous in some very circles apparently, as David Cain from the Radiophonic Workshop is the man what made it. Thanks to Simon "The Total Git" Gitter for passing it on to us all. 

Next week the all new Trunk summer tee shirt is a coming in, as is some sunshine I hope, and possibly a 50p item.   

I'm now off to Spitalfields Market to flick through thousands of "new arrival" records that I saw two weeks ago. Then it's straight to the shoe shop to buy some high heels.

Oh, and finally, RIP Ken Garland. What a super lovely dude.  

Thanks for listening as always