Morning, I hope all is well. All fine here BUT more dental drama for me this week, plus my second dose of Microsoft vaccine, which was fine until about midnight on Tuesday when I found myself in the kitchen shivering even with two winter jackets and a scarf on. Then the dog had a poo on the floor, and he really has nothing to protest about. 

Today, as promised I am launching the latest amazing bargain Trunk tee shirt. I am unbearably excited about this. As followers of my tee shirts over the last few years will have noticed (and there are at least three followers of my tees shirts), I have been turning old / long gone record shop bag graphics into modern / groovy tee shirts. It started with Woolworths Record Dept, then on to Our Price, and the journey has continued around the British provinces, with independent defunkt shops from Chelmsford to Kings Lynn and beyond. The latest "bag tee" is possibly my favourite so far...

In the late 1960s, the Rochdale FC goalie Simon Jones decided to hang up his gloves and open a record shop. And he called it SAVE RECORDS. Of course he did. I believe he also drew the fabulous goalie on the logo (who is catching an LP), which may or may not be a self portrait. He ended up with four Save Record shops in the end - Bury, Radcliffe, Rochdale and Lincoln - the last one standing was in Bury Market which was sadly closed in 2016. Anyway, I tracked down the last owners of Save Records and Simon has given permission to use his logo on the tees. I love everything about this, including the fact that it mixes two reasonably incongruous elements - soccer and record buying. But the message is beyond strong - SAVE RECORDS, and the illustration is a fab example of naïve folky brilliance. I have gone a bit nuts as these things normally sell out fast so this time I have made three different tees and two different sweatshirts. And even my monosylabic super cool teen has stolen one so it must be hip. All Save Records tees and sweatshirts can be found here

There is also a new bag with the Musicwise owl on it here

If you are up for a 50p lark, it's the classic Hymns A Swingin, as somebody asked me for it last week and you can't beat insane versions of classic hymns once a year.

And for a daft film this week I was sent this very stange video of cool crooner Brook Benton singing "Mother Nature Father Time". However it seems like the dancers are dancing to a completely different tune. Have a look here. 

I'm now off to pack up Save Records tee shirts. Then I must prepare myself mentally for half term. This requires nothing more than planning a trip to the wine merchant.  

Thanks for listening as always