Hi there, I hope you are well. It's half term here and the Trunk family managed to make it to Cornwall last Saturday (9 hour drive) so we could watch all the other tourists wandering about and recovering from their 9 hour drives. It was great. We came back on Wednesday and the dog is still slighly depressed. 

First of all many thanks to all who bought the Save Records tee shirts and sweatshirts. As a result of these being made I have finally made it into the Bury Times (both on-line and in print), and since that went live / got delivered the daughter of the owner of the now defunkt Javelin Records from Bury and Bolton etc wants a tee shirt made of her dad's shop too. There are just 10 Save Records tees left and some sweatshirts too. If you were after one I suggest you hurry now the word is out in Bury. All the Save Records tees etc can be found here

If you have just received this email and not had one from me for a few weeks the reason is there are still "backroom tweaks" to the mailing list still going on - we are trying to work out who is real and who is not (harder than you may think), at the expense of temporarily losing some real people who we are now looking to get back. And resubscribe links are going out to all - if you get one it's not spam. 

Last night I had news that the Trunk double LP anniversary compilation has just been shipped. So more about that in due course. And also last night Mrs Trunk and myself watched John And Mary - Dustin Hoffman, Mia Farrow, Quincy Jones, 1969, groovy furniture. Must be an alright film as there were no instruction to "turn this crap off" at any time.   

I'm now off to the Spitalfields Records Fayre. I go early and someone asked me yesterday if it was an early bird / worm kinda situation, to which I said that my mate Robin gets there first and gets all the worms before anyone else. Then tweets about it. 

Thanks for listening as always