Morning, I hope all is groovy. Things not bad this end, but I have a slight hangover as an old chum from the lounge / easy listening days came around last night and bought a load of my easy / groovy LP doubles. And I possible drunk a few too many doubles although I can't remember. 

What I can remember is that you can listen to most of the LPs he bought on the OST Show tomorrow. 

Yesterday an email was sent out via Greedbag about subscribing / re-subscribing to the Trunk email list (yes, the ongoing email list saga continues) and apparently the email i) got into loads of people's spam and ii) got sent 36 times to Robin The Fog. So please check your spam and re-subscribe, it's not a dodgy email. I was going to find a funny old advert about spam to link to here but not sure such a thing exists. Instead you can have a terrible advert about keeping Britiain tidy with The New Seekers. 

This week I also found a spare Bayes Recordium and a spare Musicwise tee shirt in box, both tees having sold out in minutes. They are both for sale here - both XL. I think I must have been so excited when they first arrived in that I miscounted. 

If you are out shopping for RSD tomorrow have a lovely time. I shall be watching eBay from about 9am to see the annual RSD flippers at work. Seems like the Trunk Shuttered Room LP is still in the top twenty rarest RSD releases. And believe it or not, the releases for RSD 2022 are being organised and ordered now.  

I also heard last night that Edward De Bono had died. Author and the father of lateral thinking, he is without doubt a major influence on the way I think up total rubbish and process it into something slightly less rubbish. 

I'm now off to walk the dog before it gets too hot, and to look at even more rubbish left in the park from all the fun had last night. Where are the New Seekers when you need them? 

Thanks for listening