Morning, I hope you are well. All good here, although I have spent the week trying to get out of my mobile phone contract.

Basically in the six years at my current address I have barely had a mobile phone signal (I spend hours walking about the house and garden going "hello, can you hear me, hello" etc). Odd for Zone 2 in London. As I said to my current phone company, I get a better signal anywhere on the British coast than I do where I live, in the centre of a city. In order to tell them this I had to walk to the next road to get a signal. I think they finally believe me.  

In other news the Trunk 25 year compilation is in BUT will not be available until about late July to the mailing list as the release date for record shops is now late August / September - this is so I can try and get some press about it. It will be interesting to see if my 25 years of effort at the botty end of the record industry will spark any interest from journalists. I'm excited to find out. 

There may well be another Trunk LP available before then, featuring the music of Janet Beat. Few people know of this groovy woman, and no, I have not made her up.   

If you were out queuing for RSD last weekend I hope you bought well. And if you use Discogs, this may well be Steve Davis the snooker player selling records. The clues are there in his feedback and also in some of his for sale items...

If you are up for something 50p there are 5 pages of 50p offers starting here

Last night I saw this Albert Finney film for the first time. Liza Minnelli's first film role. Interesting. 

I'm now off to the Spitlafields Record Fayre to get wet and to talk about football, once I've run out of things to say about records. I've tried with other subjects I'm interested in (Percy Pigs, hair care, dressing gowns with large logos on, origami, hama beads etc) and got nothing back. 

Thanks for listening