Morning, I hope all is well. Not bad here, although I did have a hay fever / sneezing fit that went on for about six hours yesterday. I did also vernture into a charoty shop this week, got a biyt sweaty in my mask but did find a Third Ear Band Alchemy first UK pressing which made my week. I also bought a really rare UK library LP, only to find on close inspection that the wrong and not very rare LP was inside. 

This week I finally got around to mastering a most unusual and rare 1958 recordings of Eamonn Andrews telling you to get vaccinated against Polio. This was a Pfizer vaccination campaign recording on two 78rpms, one for the under 25s and another one for the under 40s. Both are available as 50p downloads here, And very curious they are too. Possibly of historical interest considering our current situation. 

Today I am wearing a new tee shirt because yesterday I took delivery of the new Atomage meets Trunk tee shirt. There are just 20 of these, it's the Atomage woman bending over looking back at you with TRUNK RECORDS written in a space age font underneath. Very groovy and only for sale here

After last week's film link to Charlie Bubbles I was informed that is was Mark E Smith's fave film. 

I'm now off to pick up a camper van that we hired two years ago for this very weekend, so we can go camping in the rain for three days and only get really wet instead of really bloody soaked. Good news is I have a stash of pot noodles. 

Thanks for listening as always