Morning, I hope all is well. All quite odd here, the teen is now self isolating dressed as the usual Ewok, not sure I want to know exaclty what's going on in his room / isolation chamber. He did use up all the milk last night which is, as you can guess, a right pain first thing. The reason for the isolation - apparently he was "near" someone last Monday who eventually tested positive. His entire class is now off. Scheduled to go back to school the day term ends. 

In other news there is the all new Trunk LP to adore. This is the music of pioneering knob twiddler Janet Beat who fought against her parents and grumpy men in the computer music world who all insisted there was no place for a woman in music. She started in the early 1960s with concrete / tape music, and her dad later used her finished tapes to string up his tomato plants. By the 1970s she had a front room full of electronics (see the albums sleeve), and the album includes her surviving electro acoustic work from the 1970s and 1980s. Some of it sounds like Forbidden Planet, some of it sounds like it's from a different planet. And this is the first time it has been issued. The all new Janet Beat album is here in both physical and digital forms. And yes, in case you are wondering that is her real name, she does exists, I have not made her up. Nominative determinism at its very best. 

Here is a short film which features a Cockatoo having a meltdown. Slightly reminds me of myself during the first lockdown phase. And a bit like my mother in law on my wedding day. 

If you're stuck for something to do tonight, why not watch the sun go down at the beautiful Woodbury Wetlands here in N16 and then watch the classic Paper Moon. There is food and drink, there was going to be a DJ but he's unwell, so I've done a two hour set for them which will run from 7pm until the film starts at here

I'm now off to Essex to go and get an LP mastered as my old master is not as good as it should be. For once I am missing the Spitalfield Record Fayre. That's one less bath I have to have this week. 

Thanks for listening as always.