Morning, hope all groovy. All OK here, rubbish end of school term with kids isolating blah blah blah. Also the dog has gone on strike and has refused to move from his bed for three days now because of the heat. He did get up for some ham and a wee yesterday, and then went back to bed.  

My favourite Covid-based expression of the week - the "United Pingdom". Way better than "pingdemic".

Thanks to all who have bought and have been slightly bowled over by Janet Beat. Please note on the sleevenotes the track A Willow Swept By Train should actually be A Willow Swept By Rain. Another classic Trunk typo to add to the ever growing list. Some have asked about Janet's instrumentation - so here you go:

Dancing On Moonbeams - Roland 100M MODULAR SYNTH

LIghthouses / Lighthouses Waltz - Roland 100M,

Echoes From Bali - Proteus unit, Yamaha DX7, EMU

A Willow Swept By Rain - Roland 100mYamaha DX7, Cducer contact mic,

Shirabe 1st movement- Roland 100m, Roland echo & chorus unit

PIangam 2nd movement - Roland 100M, edited recordings of birdsong, piano &  a gong.

In other news, some Trunk vinyl was sent back to me this week from the central distribution warehouse. There are some titles that have not been in stock for a while - like the sublime Polynesia. All available vinyl can be found here.

I had a chat yesterday with a man in the cemetary about the failed Chelmsford Punk Festival of 1977. The one that is linked to the Ecstacy For Records shop. I discovered there is some rare super 8 footage of it now on youtube. Worth a quick look. 

I'm now off to pack my bag. I'm not actually going anywhere, I just fancy the idea of packing it and thinking that I might be going somewhere. See you when I get back. 

Thanks for listening as always