Morning, I hope all is well. Pretty alright here, although I have got rather obsessed with the Olympics. Like up until I fall alseep in front of endless swimming heats, archery, canoeing and even skateboarding. I even watched some water polo which is hard work and not just for the athletes. 

I have news about the Bartleby repress. As we all know there is a massive vinyl delay globally, but I have just been told that they will be in at the end of August or the first week of September. Along with yet another Trunk LP I have not told anyone about. 

Over recent weeks I have had a smattering of emails about Bayes Recordium tee shirts. This is because they all sold out when I made them, and someone has even put in an advance order for four more (!!!!) if I made more so I made some more. They are here. 

Yesterday I got tagged in a twitter discussion, all about this strange bit of Thames TV which features people who think they have seen UFOs or are supernatural and stuff like that. Worth watching. GIve it ten minutes. I dare you.   

There was supposed to be a 50p Friday album today but for some reason (basically I messed up) the album name is where the artist should be and vice versa. So you will have to wait until next week.

I'm now off to sit by the front door to wait for my new scanner. Yes, I bought a new scanner. Not sure my desk is big enought for it, but we'll worry about that later. I'm sure my wife will understand totally when I set up for a few days of heavy scanning in the kitchen.

Thanks for listening