Morning, I hope all is well. All Ok here, took the teens to a golf driving range on Wednesday. Bert (now 15) seems to have invented a new way of playing golf and that's to get the club, and take a long run at the ball and then wack it as you are running past it. Sort of running golf. 

I also managed to escape with Mrs Trunk to the cinema to watch Summer Of Soul and I cannot recommend it enough. Mindblowing on many levels. Although we had to move seats because of a really loud popcorn eater two rows back. 

There is actually a 50p Friday record today, a killer and rarely heard recording from Michel Legrand, covering the great soundtrack maestro Lavagnino. It's the superb and exotic music from the 1956 documentary Empire Of The Sun. It can be found here for 50p. Seriously beautiful. 

If you are about in London tomorrow (Saturday) I will be stalling out at the Classic Car Boot Fayre in KIngs Corss with my little old car and a box of rare and not so rare records for sale. And an umbrella. I'll be in the Lewis Cubitt Square bit counting out the wads of cash I'll have made. 

And if you want to see when the Amish Sex Pistols met Bill Grundy look here

I'm now off to the Spits Record fayre to buy a really nice bun and a coffee.

Thanks for listening as always