Hi, I hope all is groovy.

It's all kicking off here. The Trunk 25th Anniversary compilation is for sale now. I have 300 in ye olde Trunk shop. It's a 2 LP on "silver" vinyl, but if you ask me its more of a sparkling grey. Lots of Trunk cliassic and things that have never been issued too. Anyway, there will be black vinyl ones for sale in a week or two. And some more silver ones when I find them, 

Here it is. And yes, I know this is weird but I'm starting to get some very good press on the LP and if I send this mailout on a Friday morning all my USA chums miss out.   

There will be no 50p mailing this week as I will be 120 miles from my laptop. Which some would say is not quite far enought. 

Thanks for listeing as always.