Morning, I hope all is well. All groovy here. Apart from some slight acid reflux. 

Thanks to all who bought the Do What You Love 2 LP set last week. I got several emails about a David Shrigley poster that was being sold along with the album by Monorail Music. Luckily I have since managed to secure some Shrigley signed Do What You Love posters that will be be dealt with as follows: 50 will be send sent at random to people who bought the compilation last week (my dog will choose who and I shall film the proceedure). The other 50 will be available at the Trunk Groovy Record fayre and 25th anniversary thingummymebob on 2nd October at The Mildmay Club in N16. More news of that and events that day in the weeks to come. It will be a free fun day / evening out for sure. 

I've been told this week that Auto Erotica should arrive in late next week. So expect them all to be sent out the following week. 

And in the past ten day I have been furiously busy on a brand new book (more about that another time) but I have researched a mass of confusing information, bought a brand new professional scanner, done over 700 scans and 25000 words so far. I now really REALLY need to lie down. In fact that is what I am going to do. So I am off for a bit now (except for the bit when I sent out all the Auto Erotica books). Who knows where I'm headed. Probably to that place in the UK where it's going to rain. So no mailings now until September.

In the meanitme you can enjoy this man talking about his VST Soviet Cold War Wire Recorder, called wires. Or Dusty Springfield singing about bread. 

Thanks for listening as always