Hello, I hope all is well. Alright here, althought the teen has now discovered Aperol and tequila. Just in time for going back to school. 

There is a lot to tell so I shall be brief: the black vinyl version of the double LP Do What You Love Trunk anniversary release now in Ye Olde Trunk Shop. Plus the 2 CD set too. All here. 

I have some signed Shrigley posters coming soon (as mentioned in the last mailing), more news about them in due course, but they should be here for the Trunk 25th anniversary groovy record fayre, which is now turning into something slightly more interesting, with all sorts of dealers selling interesting things promising to turn up. 2nd October. More news imminent.  

Tomorrow I will be stalling out for a few hours at Zippo / Bolt / Ecstatic Peace Library, at the courtyard, 1c Bouverie Road in N16. I have a lovely mix of interesting records for sale (the ones I was supposed to take to the Classic Car Boot), Mr Savage Pencil will be there (if you fancy a Black Metal chat), Thurston Moore will be there selling records, Zippo Records have always got interesting music too. Sounds pretty miserable to me. Starts at 11am. Weather looks alright at the moment too. 

RIP Lee Perry who I DJ'd for at the Fridge In Brixton. He had no idea who I was, while he pushed around his shopping trolley. And I was the only person in the building wearing a tie. Here is my most played Lee Perry track.    

And RIP Barbara Moore. She will be sorely missed. But like Lee Perry, had a pretty groovy life. But she didn't walk backwards and burn her studio down. Here she is talking to Lorraine Bowen, the Crumble Lady. 

I'm now off to the Spitlafields record fayre to meet Ian Shirley from Record Collector to talk about the record fayre we are having in a few weeks after the little record fayre tomorrow.

Thanks for listeing as always