Morning, I hope all is well. All good here, it was my 15th wedding anniversary this week. My wife bought me a small and lovely crystal tumbler from which to drink fine spirits. Shame I have given up drinking for a bit. Although this is an excellent reason to start up again.

Lots going on this week - more dealers confirmed for the Trunk groovy fayre (2nd October at The Mildmay Club - quick tour of building here at 18.11 onwards), including a very good book dealer and a mid century man. And yesterday I bought two ten inch 78s that were cut at the original HMV megastore in Oxford Street in 1952. It's a school choir singing nursery rhymes and also performing Music When Soft Voices Die. Not heard them yet, will report back. They probably sound more interesting than they will actually sound, but you never know. 

I also had to write a small chart of 15 records I like for Wire Magazine yesterday. No descriptions, just the artist / title / label. This is possiby the first time Guilty by Barbara Streisand has ever appeared in that particular organ, if they publish the list. I also came across this. Watch for Burt Bacharach.  

Here is a free and very lovely bit of music from an album I have been working on this week. More new about it in due course. 

Martin and DJ Food are playing library music at Spiritland in Kings Cross this coming Sunday from midday until 5pm (free to get in). I am supposed to be there too but there is a chance I might not make it as I have the annual street party on my road and I may have to be wearing an apron.

I'm now off to the Spitalfield Record Fayre. I have a very good feeling that it is going to be as uneventful as always and I will return with a small pile of useless things I should not have bought. And Simon Gitter will have found somehting on 7 inch with a saucy title.

Thanks for listening


PS I have done a two hour Barbara Moore special for The OST Show tomorrow.  

PPS RIP Clive Sinclair