hello, I hope all is well. All good here, mainly thanks to all the people, and there were LOADS, who turned up to The Groovy Fayre.

Yes, it really was very groovy indeed and from about 8am to midnight it was relentless in a very lovely way. There were many highlights, lots of people from my past turned up, locals, people from different countries, collectors from everywhere, writers, broadcasters, telly people, loads of kids, youff, tons of ladies, a very good baker, my wife and pop stars! And lots of buying and selling went on all day too. According to the Mildmay Club, they took more money at the bar in a single day than they have since, wait for it...decimalisation. Which is all the more impressive considering what torrential weather we had. 

There will be another Groovy Fayre next year I reckon.

If you did not stay for the superstar DJ party in the evening, this was track of the night. I say that as a week on it is still in my head (and in many others for sure). And it's not the song you think it is.    

Not only have I been nursing a fayre hangover but I have also been waiting all week for the delivery of the Auto Erotica book (as mentioned last Friday), but I was told last night after banging on about it all week to the couriers about the fact that nothing had arrived yet that they "should" be with me tomorrow. Which is really crap considering I was told they were on their way last Thursday. Hopefully I will have some for the Classic Car Boot Fayre at Kings Cross tomorrow. I will be there with a funny car, funny records and possibly wearing a funny jacket. Come and say hello / laugh at me if you are in the area. Looks like the weather will be good. 

Finally, Abstractions Of The Industrial North is now in. I have 250 copies only. This is a ten inch repress of the de Wolfe Kirchin / Coleman / Nathan album. Near impossible these days to find an original. And near impossible to get a record pressed quickly at the moment too. This one has only taken 8 months. It does include a classic Trunk error, in that the first track on Side Two is now the last track on Side One. It was either that or wait another ten months. Abstractions is here now. 

I'm now off to go the opposite direction to all the commuters now coming into London. But then again I have been doing that for a while. 

Thanks for listening as always