Morning, I hope you are well. All groovy here although I am surprisingly tired after the Bob Stanley book tour nights in Manchester and Glasgow. Met some lovely people. Bought some terrible records. Stayed in a hotel that where everything was operated by card and not humans. Sat next to two Glaswegian men on the 5 hour train ride back to London who did not stop talking in their very deep voices and seemed not to breath in between any words for the entire trip.

Also this week I was on Call You And Yours talking about record shop bags. This is a daily consumer programme on Radio 4. In fact it is my favourite - not just favourite consumer programme, just favoruite radio programme about serious things. For me this was very much a peak in my slightly odd life. You can listen here. 

A couple of weeks ago I sold out of the AZ Record Bag Book, but more are here, plus slipcase and postcards. Thanks to some amazing press there are very few copies left anywhere. Thanks to all who have bought a book and told other people about it. Very much appreciated. 

This coming Sunday afternoon I am playing records with Martin Green at Spiritland at the Royal Festival Hall. Free to get in. And our chum Debbie is serving up her legendary Breakfast in Bread dish. Yummy.   

Sad news about the death of Dennis Waterman. This in him in a 1963 film about Go Karts.  

And here's Gareth Hunt in a terrible spy spoof called License to Love And Kill (Aka The Man From S.E.X.). What ever you do avoid watching the weird sequence from about 50 minutes in.

I'm now off. To meet the woman in the weird sequence you should not be watching 50 minutes in. 

Thanks for listening as always

Jonny Trunk


New Trunk Patreaon Show drops today. Cream dreams, Bert & Ernie. What more do you need?