Morning, I hope all is well. All fine here, French GCSE yesterday didn't go as badly as expected. But the shoes bought for "The Prom" have already been sent back for being a bit too "bright" and having a far too much white and not enough black. We all knew that was coming. Oh well.

I went to the John Peel auction on Tuesday. All very odd for many reasons. I bid on three things and ended up coming last on them all. You can see all the mindboggling results here

Next week I will put up for sale the new Trunk LP. Very exciting. And yesterday I sent another banger off to get made. Apparently lead times are slightly less these days, but the price has nearly doubled thanks to paper and pvc price increases. So all good news. 

Please go and see this brilliant and explosive true love story if you can as soon as you can. I totally loved it for so many reasons. 

And here is a most peculiar batchelor contest which I don't love quite as much but it is hilarious. Quite hard to believe these lively specimens are in their early 20s.

Having just seen those men in trunks I am now off to swim with the Aphex Twin (you need to see my instagram post to get this one) and then it's off to the hot and sweaty record fayre. To be honest it's like that every week it's on, regardless of the weather. 

Thanks for listening as always



New Patreon Show drops today. All school recorders, brothers, sisters, wimmin's ways and the Lambeth Boys.