Morning, I hope all is well. All good, here, no stories of wardrobe / loo malfunctions today, however I noticed yesterday a rather unusual stain on the front of my swimming shorts that looks like I failed to make it to the WC on time. And even after a thorough rub and wash with Vanish the evil stain will not go. I'm blaming an oily plate of sardines a few days ago. 

In other news my record broker (the guy who works between me and the LP pressing plants) nearly lost a leg last week thanks to a severe reaction to a horse fly bite.  

As of tomorrow I am officially going on holiday (with my stained swimming trunks). I am off for two weeks, away from emails, away from records collecting, but not away from my grunting children. Matgate is possibly on the radar. With Chaz And Dave. 

Here is a short film all about cars with pop up headlights. Some super rare motors and some weird mechanics on show. 

Fire of Love is now at cinemas. Please go and see it. It is a thing of beauty.  

I'm now off to take child number two shopping for holiday things and I have to go to M&S for new pants.

Thanks for listening as always



I may be on hols but the Patreon shows roll on....jazzfilmmusiclibraryfolkgroovyfunnystuffandmore.