Morning, I hope all is well. All very cold here, some issues with the boiler so everyone in the home has been issued with blankets. Even the dog. Although the dog gets a "blanky". 

As promised there is a small Trunk sale - some stragglers found in the warehouse, old releases, tees, sweats, in most cases only one or two left. All half price, all here. 

Also, I have another short run of Mole Jazz tees as the first lot sold out in about 30 minutes, so we have 1) some new Mole Jazz tees 2) a short run of very hip Mole Jazz SWEATSHIRTS. All here. Be quick.

I had a fascinating email in the week, someone had spotted Basil Kirchin in Minder. Yes, Minder. I have always thought that no one had ever used Abstractions of The Industrial North in any TV anywhere, yet here is it, in 1979, Episode One Series One of Minder. At 33.09. Just after the hostages are taken at the laundrette. 

Here is a man jumping on eggs without breaking them in 1974. It is beyong ridiculous.

There is a record fayre this morning in Spitalfields. It will probably be warmer (temperature wise) out there than it is in my kitchen. 

Thanks for listening as always



New Patreon Show drops today. Episode 51. Special visit from Gina Lollabrigida. And some Hot Chocolate drink.