Morning, I hope all is well. All fine here. But this week the thing they call "sea moss" has entered my life. This, I think, is thanks to TikTok and the teen. Apparently the teen wants to experiment with this nutrient rich white gluey sludge (looks like something obviously sexual) which he's made and is now dominating the fridge in various vials and tupperware. Ew.

Thanks once again to the all the gang who bought the Get Thy Sh*t Together tees last week. As promised it has now become a permanent tee in the Trunk shoppe

And email yesterday confirmed that next week a new old jazz LP is arriving and there's still a ten inch record I have made that I've not put up for sale yet, so I'd better get my sh*t together pretty soon. 

In the meantime here is a film about making a punk fanzine in Telford. 

I'm now off but I am not going to Telford. 

Thanks for listening as always



New Patreon Show drops today. Includes 5, 7, 12 and the Weekend. 

And don't forget, the Mr Vintage Fayre 23rd April.