Morning, I hope all is well. All well here. Just recovered from my wife's wild party last weekend. She is now in Ibiza at another party. Until Sunday. Alright for some. Meanwhile I am stuck here looking after the teens, next door's dieting pug and two guinea pigs who do nothing apart from squeak in a weird way and sometimes eat straw, and then squeak some more. 

Thanks to all the people who bought library LPs this week. Apologies if you were beaten to some titles, they all went pretty fast but I have several more lists coming over the next few weeks, including de Wolfe, Hudson, KPM etc. 

Two new tees arrived this week, made because I was getting emails about "summer colours" even though there hasn't really been much of a summer quite yet (only worn shorts twice). So we have Get They Sh*t Together in a lovely summery blue and a lovely summery green thing. Both here. Get them before the sun comes out. 

As we all know Tina Turner died this week. WHAT. A. WOMAN. I was watching this Italian clip yesterday and kinda wish there were acts like this now, with so much wild energy going down.  Pretty groovy dress she's wearing too.

Here also is a clip from Sesame Street  that I was sent this week, that happens to use a KPM LP. Can you guess which one children? 

I'm now off to go and see my mother. I am going to ask her if she knows which KPM LP was used in the Sesame Street clip too. She's pretty hot on her library. 

Thanks for listening as always. 



New Patreon Show drops today. Yes, I Bought Some Library Records Part II