Morning, I hope all is well. All good here. I cannot remember why, but its all alright. Which is a good thing. Although my new "try to eat about thirty different sensible foodstuffs in the week (like veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs, cheese)" is causing a few whiffy dramas around the house. 

This week I have been mainly fixated by the on-going and now completed madness that was the Freddie Mercury auctions. All 6 of them. His belongings fetched an astounding £40 million on an estimate of about £5 million. Some of my fave lots included his sweatbands (all still in their unopened packets) that sold for £30K, 4 small card and plastic membership cards (including a Pan Am Clipper Club frequent flyer card) sold for £26K on an estimate of £50, a Hendrix poster you can pick up for about £40 sold for £10K, an 80s Nike Sweatshirt went for £40K and one of his Marks & Spencer plain blue cardigans sold for in excess of £8K (with no pictiure of him wearing it). And this was the cheap stuff! So buying the all new Elizabeth Parker LP for just £23 is a total bargain.  

In other news I was sent this ace film during the week. All about a hippie commune in Norfolk. In Downham Market to be precise. It's unlikely they'd be able to do the same these days in Downham Market as it's possibly the most expensive village in Norfolk. Interesting choice of music on the doc btw. 

I'm now off to some charity shops in the local area to drop off some old vinyl and some groovy books as I've had a clearout. Then it's off to the non stop laugh-a-rama that is the Spitalfields Record Fayre to oick up soem more stuff that will eventually be given to charity. 

Thanks for listening as always


New Patreon Show drops today, includes no swearing and no goth moments. But there is some camp action. 


September 24th - Mildmay Club - Mr Vintage Fayre 10am-4pm. FREE

October 28th - Mildmay Club -The Groovy (record) Fayre - all day and all nite. FREE