Morning, I hope all is well. All good here, teen two got another maths detention (yay!) and I went to two gigs.

The first gig was Sergio Mendes at The Barbican. He played all the hits and more (and he's 82 and was wearing silver shoes). And as I was leaving I was told about how Sergio first met Lani Hall which I then looked up and found this great part of a documentary thing about Sergio and Brazil 66 with loads of stuff I have not seen, and some absolute killer earings.

Then last night I was taken to see Ron Carter at Cadogan Hall, which was an extraordinary night, like lessons in jazz - whiffs of all styles and eras played brilliantly by an 86 year old. The man has magic fingers.

Then I got back and DJ Food had messaged me saying he has started a blog page where he wants to put up stickered sleeves from The Wonders Of The Underwater World. So, if you have stickered up one of the sleeves, please send me a pic. That would be great.      

I'm now off to go swimming in the reservoir (8°) with the small gang of fools I do it with. I will then spend the rest of the morning wishing I hadn't.

Thanks for listening as always



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