Morning, I hope all is well. All fine here but I have just woken up, Big night here in MANCHESTER. Yes, I have woken up in a hotel in the great northern cotton capital. Last night myself and Martin Green DJed at the Chanel after party held in the beautiful Victorian baths. Pretty wild affair. I have never seen money spent like it before.

Tried to do a bit fo Celeb spotting. Saw models. Saw people in strange expensive outfits. Saw Jeanette Winterson. 

Worth me pointing out that we played a lively set of dancy things, and sometimes with a slight Machester twist. Like this version of Fools Gold.

And my absolute fave, this version of Coronation Street

In other news The Trunk Xmas Shop is fully open. Nearly sold out of a lot of it. but there are groovy tees, fun sweatshirts, groovy Snoopy prints and a new Kirchin LP all up for grabs. And buying this early ensures it arrives before the big day. Thanks for all the shopping so far. 

I'm now off to the breakfast buffet to watch Martin eat the vegetarian equivalent of a horse.  

Thanks for listening as always



New Patreoon Show drops today. Includes 23 minutes of Dollar.