Hi there, I hope you are well. All just about holding together here, I did have to go and buy a new phone this week that involved getting my temperature taken, which was really quite strange. I also went to a record shop and someone came in and had a big shouty rant about the fact that we'd all been brainwashed and no one should be using masks or hand sanitisers. I bought nothing in the record shop, which now, with its high perspex wall around the counter, looks like an American pawn shop / gun shop. Or that strange old off license that used to be in Streatham High Road where they served you through a tiny hatch.

Anyway, I was listening to the classic Bob Chance LP this week, thought that would make a perfect twisted listening experience as we head towards the possibly mad events of July 4th. If you have not heard this album before it is brilliant. In many ways. Take a chance on Bob, 50p right here right now.

All the additional special orders for the fabulous and psychedelic Ecstacy For Records tee shirts were all sent out on Monday / Tuesday. I have a handful left as I made more than required. They can be found here. I was wearing mine yesterday and spilt olive oil all down the front as I was eating my tomato salad and not really paying attention.

Several bonkers films sent to me this week - a Covid Public Information Film, Bollywood Bonkers Disco 84 thing, and if you have a spare hour and a half you can watch Robert Culp in spooky black arts oddity Spectre written by, of all people Gene Roddenberry (and sent to me by the Weirdy Walks dudes).

I'm now off. I'm just off. Yes, off. 

Thanks for listening as always