Morning, I hope all is well. All good here, although I took the teen to the barber yesterday. He took with him a photo of a young Dicaprio with a centre parting and longish curley locks. The teen's idea was that the barber would turn his long hair into that very picture; obviously this did not happen and he came out looking more Wolf Of Wall Street. A grey cloud is currently over our house and the barber. Should have blown over by this evening.

In other news, this mailing is not about football. But I did watch the match on Wednesday wearing the all new Trunk tee shirt which is nothing to do with Trunk, but is does feature the spaced out groovy bag from defunkt records store Odyssey Records And Tapes New Orleans, and has a spaceman floating out of his capsule. Just 25 were made, dead cool. All here. 

The Janet Beat LP arrived this week, and will be for sale next week. So more information about her and her challenging career in the next exciting mailout. 

Here is a very short film about the wrong music. Not from Enter The Dragon as stated but actually from Way Of The Dragon.  

I'm now off to Regents park to meet a record dealer. That's if I don't get mown over by one of the many MAMILs bombing around the outer circle first. I cannot quite believe MAMILs have a wiki page.   

Thanks for listening as always.