Morning, I hope you are well. Chaos reigned here yesterday - bombscare at the school (which made some news feeds), mouse dead in the kitchen (which made no news feeds), increase in pandemic positives and THEN I got beaten at Northern Soul Pop Trumps by a 10 year old.  

Yes, Northern Soul Pop Trumps have FINALLY arrived. Delayed at the printers they came in yesterday and they look awesome. They play very well too. "Great stocking filler, full of floor fillers" is my not so catchy strap line for them. There are a few packs left, but they will not get reprinted at all. They are right here right now. 

Some more sold out Brutalist Bus Station Record Store tees have also arrived: I made another twenty including some "extra small" as requested by both men and women. They are here. Amazing as several people have got in touch about both the bus station and Hermons (still with no apostrophe). Apparently in the mid 1970s it was quiet a groovy shop with a hip owner and a keen line in rare Northern Soul 7s on a regualr basis. I'm yet to see a picture of the actual shop so if you have one please let me know.   

In other news all the owls and tits flew off this week, in fact lots went out this week and should easily arrive in time for the odd festive period that lies ahead. 

And don't forget all the festive 50p larks here. Including Monks and Pinky & Perky. 

For a film this week I offer you The Knowlege. This is a comedy drama I still remember seeing in 1977. I can even recall the song at the beginning and the end. It's all about wannabee cabbies trying to learn the classic cab routes around London. Nigel Hawthorne is extraordinary as the sadistic examiner. Get The Knowlege here. 

Finally there is another Movie Grooves this Sunday evening at Joy At Portobello. We are playing spy themes and sounds this week, with very nice Italian food being served and all well distanced. The DJ booth looks like we are standing in a pizza oven. 

I'm now off to try and move the dishwasher in the kitchen in order to remove the dead rodent(s) that we think lie rotting behind it as none of us can currently go anywhere near the sink without gagging.

Thanks for listening and probably gagging too