3 D Vision On Tee Shirt

3 D Vision On Tee Shirt

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3 D Vision On Tee Shirt

Yes, boggle those eyes with this spectacular new Vision On Tee shirt. Yes, it's the superb Tony Hart TV logo we all know and love but here it's bigger and better than before, covering most of the Tee shirt. And this time it has also been double offset printed on my current favourite brand of white tee shirt (organic and made by Earth Positive. In fact you could probably eat them). The very nature of this double print process makes every single tee shirt slightly different, simply because the screens are made to move. But all are cleverly printed in lime green and bright red on white, and make your eyes go all woozy in the classic 3D way when you look at the design, so early morning and late at night are good times to be wearing it.


Available in S, M, L, XL and XXL in very limited quantities indeed. Like there are just 5 small ones, 2 XXL etc.


My son Bertie has just asked me to make one in his kids size, so it must be good.