Bernard Cribbins - A Combination of Cribbins (Remastered)

A Combination of Cribbins (Remastered)

Bernard Cribbins

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Bernard Cribbins - A Combination of Cribbins (Remastered)

Before you dismiss this as a novelty album, it's sort of is and really sort of isn't at all. Cribbins occasionally plays the fool here but there are tracks which are just utterly wonderful - his version of Hoagy Carmichael's "My Resistance is Low" is charming to the last (and has been a regular part of my Dj sets for years) and his cover of "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face" was selected by Danny Baker as his Desert Island Disc, and one listen will tell you why. This album also includes the total classic Gossip Calypso - all in all it's a really terrific and hugely underrated record by one of our most enduring and talented stars who can actually sing in different styles consistently well. And it was all produced and even partly written by Ted Dicks, the man who did the Catweazle theme. And if that doesn't get you there really is no hope.


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  1. Bernard Cribbins - Overture
  2. Bernard Cribbins - One Man Band
  3. Bernard Cribbins - I Go a Bundle
  4. Bernard Cribbins - My Resistance Is Low
  5. Bernard Cribbins - Verily
  6. Bernard Cribbins - Gossip Calypso
  7. Bernard Cribbins - What About Me Then?
  8. Bernard Cribbins - Sea Shanty
  9. Bernard Cribbins - The Tale of a Mouse
  10. Bernard Cribbins - Double Thinks
  11. Bernard Cribbins - I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
  12. Bernard Cribbins - I’d Rather Go Fishing