Yusef Lateef - Before Dawn

Before Dawn

Yusef Lateef

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Yusef Lateef - Before Dawn

This is Yusef Lateef at his mightiest, possibly only ever outdone after this by his Eastern Sounds LP. Basically this is jazz, but employing interesting modern ideas, with the greatest expression of progress summed up in the track Before Dawn, which is really like no other of the period. Truly magical, (I like all the other cues too, especially the sort of pastoral Open Strings one) and it's difficult to believe this total masterpiece was made in the 1950s. I wasn't even born then. And the TV was poor - maybe that's why the jazz was so good because no one was bothering to watch telly.


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  1. Passion
  2. Love Is Eternal
  3. Pike's Peak
  4. Open Strings
  5. Before Dawn
  6. Twenty-Five Minute Blues
  7. Chang, Chang, Chang
  8. Constellation