Various Artists - Bruton Brutoff

Bruton Brutoff

Various Artists

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12" Vinyl Album 13 tracks £14.99 Out of stock


Various Artists - Bruton Brutoff

Cameron, Hawkshaw, Bennett, Frank Ricotti, Johnny Scott, Francis Monkman and more. All here, all Bruton, all ambient and calm and amazing and tinkly and everything you want right now for a better life. Period electronics, pastoral loveliness and I have to say a great LP name and sleeve. Another Trunk classic. Well that's what I think. No downloads, no CD, VINYL ONLY. Only available here. I have only licensed for 500 copies. NOTE: album will be sent out once it has arrived. It is scheduled to come in about 28th August. So this could well mean 1st September. But it is coming - I have been told it is in transit - and will be sent out when it arrives. THIS IS THE SECOND PRESSING ON CLEAR VINYL!!!!


12" Vinyl Album (JBH088LP)
  1. The Swan 1
  2. Stargazing
  3. Billowing Sails
  4. Vibes
  5. Reflections
  6. Tropic 2
  7. One Language
  8. Utopia Revisisted
  9. Dissolves
  10. Flotation
  11. Drifting
  12. Trek
  13. Saturn Rings