Jonny Trunk - Dirty Fan Male (Bonus Edition)

Dirty Fan Male (Bonus Edition)

Jonny Trunk

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Jonny Trunk - Dirty Fan Male (Bonus Edition)

Yes, the legend is here....we know that.... but this download version has the Smash Hit, shortest entry in the hit parade ever... The Ladies Bras and a couple of extra numbers too... You know how its goes...

A very simple concept - take a collection of genuine letters written to porn stars and read them out in the style of someone famous - such as Carey Grant, Obi Wan Kinobe etc etc. Sounds ridiculous but is in fact hilarious, filthy, thought provoking and down right pornographic. And there are 39 tracks in all, with the occasional "song" added. Here are a couple of the many reviews... Time Out - "Heartbreakingly inarticulate...hilarious, tragic and oddly moving" The Guardian - "Ideal for the irksome chum who claims to be unshockable...profoundly disturbing and darkly comic" Kerrang - "Laugh-out-loud comic genius...weird and well worth it" A Mens Mag - "Funny, frightening, tragic and touching". Dirty Fan Male will help you wet yourself, but in a good way. It's also addictive in that you will start repeating some of the hilarious catchphrases you will hear. We suggest you hear a sample first. Please do not buy this for your children unless they are old, like 18. And my special message, penis.

This is the new and improved version of the Dirty Fan Male. Comes complete with new picture cover with great big t*#*s. But no, that's not all, as on this great little item, you can find even more previously unreleased tracks, including Spunky Arthur's own theme tune..


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  1. Jonny Trunk - I Am a Pervert
  2. Jonny Trunk - They Make My Cock Rock Hard
  3. Jonny Trunk - Martin's First Letter
  4. Jonny Trunk - Just Like Hilary Clinton
  5. Jonny Trunk - Keeping Sexy With Girls
  6. Jonny Trunk - Poor Old Ken
  7. Jonny Trunk - By a Thursday
  8. Jonny Trunk - Woman's Feets
  9. Jonny Trunk - Martin's Second Letter
  10. Jonny Trunk - A Blow Job Worth Reebering
  11. Jonny Trunk - My Big Rising Willie
  12. Jonny Trunk - Elvis, the Unluckiest Guy in the World
  13. Jonny Trunk - Shawshank Redemption (But It Isn't)
  14. Jonny Trunk - My Special Message: Penis
  15. Jonny Trunk - Piccadilly Manchester
  16. Jonny Trunk - Female Bum Concious Aware
  17. Jonny Trunk - You Really Turn Me On
  18. Jonny Trunk - I Am Gorilla
  19. Jonny Trunk - Don Male
  20. Jonny Trunk - I Want to Hold Your Hand
  21. Jonny Trunk - Dear Sexy Charmaine
  22. Jonny Trunk - Dale
  23. Jonny Trunk - Martin's Third Letter
  24. Jonny Trunk - Diana Princess of Wales
  25. Jonny Trunk - I Want to Enlarge My Cock
  26. Jonny Trunk - Strawberries and Cream
  27. Jonny Trunk - Dirty Letter In Sex
  28. Jonny Trunk - My Robotics Project (1)
  29. Jonny Trunk - Spunky Arthur
  30. Jonny Trunk - Yours Sincerely Lionel
  31. Jonny Trunk - My Robotics Project (2)
  32. Jonny Trunk - Suck You Out
  33. Jonny Trunk - I Ham a Man
  34. Jonny Trunk - Martin's Fourth Letter
  35. Jonny Trunk - Feed My Cat
  36. Jonny Trunk - Does It Go Crossways
  37. Jonny Trunk - I'm Worried
  38. Jonny Trunk - Shaking That Bear Bum Cleavage Between
  39. Jonny Trunk - Carol Smillie and Carol Vorderman (Live At Wisbey's)
  40. Jonny Trunk - The Spunky Arthur Theme
  41. Jonny Trunk - Martin's Fifth Letter
  42. Jonny Trunk - King of England and Norway
  43. Jonny Trunk - Flash!!
  44. Jonny Trunk - My Perverted Lust
  45. Jonny Trunk - The Ladies Bras