Eden Ahbez - Eden's Island (Remastered)

Eden's Island (Remastered)

Eden Ahbez

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Eden Ahbez - Eden's Island (Remastered)

Yes, Eden Ahbez was the first true hippy, an original cave-dweller, tree hugger and even lived for a time under the "L" on the famous HOLLYWOOD hill sign. He wrote the jazz standard "Nature Boy" and lived for much of his life on a prescient diet of nuts, pulses and raw fruit. He was also an exceptionally talented musician and songwriter but sadly only produced this one utterly magnificent and rare solo album, which sold very poorly indeed on its original release. It's a classic and seductive mix of his spoken philosophies and dream-like music. It's a journey into sunsets and absolute calm. One of the most magical, most beautiful and staggeringly blissful albums of all time. You need this music in your life.


I'll take the album and a shot of wheatgrass.


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  1. Eden Ahbez - The Wanderer
  2. Eden Ahbez - Eden's Island
  3. Eden Ahbez - Myna Bird
  4. Eden Ahbez - Eden's Cove
  5. Eden Ahbez - Trade Wind
  6. Eden Ahbez - Full Moon
  7. Eden Ahbez - Mongoose
  8. Eden Ahbez - Market Place
  9. Eden Ahbez - Banana Boy
  10. Eden Ahbez - The Old Boat
  11. Eden Ahbez - Island Girl
  12. Eden Ahbez - La Mar