Fiona Richmond - Frankly Fiona

Frankly Fiona

Fiona Richmond

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Fiona Richmond - Frankly Fiona

There are many things about this album I love. It was only available through grotty old mags. Many of the songs were written by Anthony Newley. Apparently he was "egging her on" (so she tells me) to make it sound even ruder. There are some classic songs ("Whenever I'm Alone", "The World Is A Circus") and an introduction to the band that is unforgettable. I love this album so much I have two copies, one signed and one not.


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  1. Fiona's Theme And Intro
  2. My First Time
  3. Look At Us Now
  4. Latin Lovers
  5. Vibrations
  6. Whenever I'm Alone
  7. Don't Do It In The Dark
  8. The Boys In The Band
  9. Diner's Dessert
  10. You Are What You Eat
  11. Turn On
  12. The World Is A Circus
  13. Fiona's Fantasy
  14. My Baby Does It Good
  15. Climax