Elizabeth Parker - Future Perfect

Future Perfect

Elizabeth Parker

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Elizabeth Parker - Future Perfect

Elizabeth Parker is a composer you may not have heard of until now. Well here she is, in all her musical glory, having worked for decades at the front line of British electronics, radiophonics, soundracks and more. This is an album full of musical ideas ahead of the curve, with contemporary technology that was to go on and very much shape the future of sound we know now. From classic tape loop techniques to modern sampling concepts you will find dark ambience, drones, beer adverts and drifts into space. This is the first ever Elizabeth Parker LP and represents (with 26 tracks) a very small retrospective of her extraordinarily prolific and commercial output. Not to be missed.


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  1. Space Drift
  2. Memory Loss
  3. Siren-Call
  4. Harmonisers of The Spheres
  5. Telepathy Beyond Time
  6. Older Than Time
  7. Congestion Hoe-Down
  8. Celandine And Columbine
  9. The Dying Of The Light
  10. Cloud
  11. Darkness At Noon
  12. Future Perfect
  13. The Killing Skies
  14. Into The Depths She Calls
  15. Lazy Summer Afternoon
  16. Insects Revolt
  17. Blood Runs Cold
  18. Post Apocalypse Fog
  19. Fish Don’t Cry
  20. Ghosts In The Abbey
  21. Insects Dance
  22. Davil's Lightening
  23. Danger Hurts
  24. Why Me?